Juices vs Smoothies: Which is More Effective for Losing Weight?

Juices and smoothies are no doubt popular around the world. In fact smoothie market alone calculated to be 12 Billion in the previous year(2019)

But are they really good for weight loss and how should we use them to get the best results.

What’s the difference?

Juicing is basically taking only the liquid part without the pulp. This makes it increased vitamins and nutrients levels in on serving of a juice than a smoothie.

Smoothie is blending the fruits(or veges) and this contains the pulp, not only the liquid part.

Benefits of Juices

Juices is more concentrated on vitamins and other nutrients. These are also very easy to absorb to our body. Which makes it a great supplement to your diet.

Studies have clearly shown improvement in levels of beta carotene, vitamin C,E, antioxidants, selenium and folate in people who consumed 1 or more servings of juice daily. (in a short periods of time, like 14-30days)

Studies also have shown juices are good to cardiac health and (some fruit juices) reduce the risk of Alzheimer.

It is true that juicing is awesome as a nutrient supplement. But if you use them in wrong way(eg:juice fast) it can affect bad to your weight loss efforts.

Main downside is that they are high on sugar. Although not every juice will spike your blood sugar. Carrot, karela, cucumber, amla, pomegranate juices are low on sugar.

What about Juice Fast?

As far as you need to know juice fast is for cleansing your body, not directly for weight loss. Although cleansing have claimed to aid the weight loss; taking nothing but juices for weeks is going to eventually force you to binge eat and it can possibly destroy your weight loss efforts.

So… no juice fast is not recommended for weight loss.

Benefits of Smoothies

Smoothies in the other hand shown to work better overall.

They make you feel full and contains all the nutrients if you were to eat raw fruit/veges. You will take fruits or veges as a smoothie, otherwise you won’t include in your diet. It benefits weight loss effortlessly.

girl drinking juice

Top benefits of taking fiber are:

  • makes you feel full
  • help control blood sugar levels
  • lowers cholesterol levels.

So which is better for weight loss?

Juices are more effective in cleansing, whitening and radiant skin, etc. Taking smoothies is much better as supplements which stop weight gain.

Pro tips:

  • Add turmeric, cinnamon, ginger to get a fat burning effect.
  • Opt for unsweetened nut/seed milk with cocoa, avocado, berries to limit sugar on your smoothies.

How to Use Smoothie for Weight Loss

There are lots of opinions, stories diets around smoothies. But it is better if you don’t go to that extremes with this.

While those diets(eg:-“21 day smoothie diet”) really have shown great results in short term weight loss; they are just NOT sustainable. You’ll get back to your old eating habits and gain that weight back.

Pro tips:

  • take them as supplements.
  • you can replace one(breakfast, lunch) for a smoothie
  • add protein according if you need.


Using either one of these too much will not give you positive results for you. Although in a program conducted by Dr.David Zinczesko, participants have shown 20lbs loss in just 6 weeks. He have included this balanced smoothie diet in a book with the recipes. Check it out. It’s called-“Zero Belly Smoothies”

Want to get 7 day smoothie challenge and make things easier for you. You can download it free here.

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